001 PQ 01 Debbi & Charlie Talk About Positive Intelligence – Introduction

Debbi McCullough and Charlie Jett are certified Positive Intelligence Coaches who discuss the PQ concept and all elements of the PQ System. Together they teach a seven-week course on Positive Intelligence and its application personally and for business teams.

Debbi and Charlie

The concept of mental fitness and positive intelligence is the brainchild of Shirzad Chamine and is documented in his book, Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours.

Specifically, the Positive Intelligence (PQ) or Mental Fitness concept is as follows:
• Your left brain:
o Your negative emotions are heightened by an over-active left brain.
o The over-active left brain is ruled by what PQ calls, your “saboteurs”
o Some of these saboteurs were born with you – they are inherent.
o Others were developed as a way to survive as you grew up
o These saboteurs often hijack your thoughts and lead you down the wrong paths
• Your right brain is:
o Where your positive emotions and your “wiser self” reside, or
o In PQ terms, where your “sage” lives.
• The net result is:
o Your wiser self or your right brain is often drowned out by the power of your over-active left brain saboteurs
o The power of the Positive Intelligence system can turn down the volume of your saboteurs and increase the volume of your sage.

Application of the PQ System has beneficial results – and it’s ALL ABOUT RESULTS!
• Teams perform 31% better
• Salespeople sell 37% more
• Creativity increases threefold
• Doctors diagnose 31% better
• People live 10 years longer

Contact Debbie or Charlie and find out about their coaching practices and seven-week course as follows:

Debbie: hangingrockmedia@gmail.com
Charlie: ccjett@msn.com


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