004 PQ 04 Debbi and Charlie Discuss “The Sage Perspective”

Debbie McCullough and Charlie Jett are certified Positive Intelligence Coaches who discuss the “Saboteurs” and other elements of the Positive Intelligence system.

Debbi and Charlie

In this episode, Debbi and Charlie discuss something different from saboteurs – “The Sage Perspective.”

Positive Intelligence and the PQ System utilize the “Sage Perspective” turns down the volume of the Saboteurs in the left brain and activates the right brain.

The “Sage” lives in the right brain – and is your “wiser self.”

The Sage Perspective enables you to look for the GIFT in a negative circumstance. Every negative outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift.

The Sage Perspective offers three gifts:

  • Knowledge – What knowledge might I gain so that the payoff in the future could be larger than what his situation is costing me now?
  • Power – Which mental muscles can I grow to be able to handle this?
  • Inspiration – What inspiring action might I commit to as a result of this situation?

When you are in the Sage Perspective, you can utilize the powers that the Sage gives to you. These powers are:

  • Empathy – Visualize the circumstance from the perspective of yourself as a child.
  • Explore – Without blame or judgement, look at all the relevant factors that might have contributed to the problem.
  • Innovate – Play the “Yes . . . and . . . “ game. Quickly come up with as many ideas as you can without any evaluation or judgement. Evaluation will come later.
  • Navigate – Look at the ideas you have generated from the perspective of your wiser and elder self – as if you were near the end of your life.
  • Activate – Pick 2 or 3 specific actions that resonate with you and to which you are willing to commit. Think about what your saboteurs might tell you and how your Sage might respond.

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