006 PQ 06 Sue Das and Charlie Jett Discuss “The STICKLER” Saboteur

Sue Das and Charlie Jett are certified Positive Intelligence Coaches who discuss the “The Stickler” Saboteur.

The Stickler is known for seeking perfection and displays a need for order and organization. But those needs are taken too far. The Stickler takes some great strengths and turns them into disadvantages for self and others. Here are some of the characteristics of someone whose Stickler might be active:

  • Punctual, methodical, perfectionist.
  • Can be irritable, tense, opinionated, sarcastic.
  • Highly critical of self and others.
  • Strong need for self-control and self-restraint.
  • Works overtime to make up for others’ sloppiness and laziness.
  • Is highly sensitive to criticism.

Like the other saboteurs, the STICKLER resides in your LEFT BRAIN and has a loud voice that generally drowns out your wiser self.

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