Bored or Frustrated BEFORE Reaching Goal

Being bored or frustrated BEFORE reaching a goal is a very common career crisis that appears with young, smart and ambitious individuals who feel they are not progressing fast enough in their careers.


Individuals facing this particular crisis become vulnerable to opportunities outside of the organization in which they are employed. In a sense, they are “red meat” for a recruiter – especially a recruiter working on a contingency basis (they get paid if you take a job). Depending on their level of boredom or frustration, they are prone to make an ill-advised decision and change jobs when staying in place and trying to change conditions would lead to a better outcome. They might be attracted to a different opportunity because of higher compensation – but ultimately they might find themselves in exactly the same circumstances – albeit at a higher standard of living. This is commonly called, “The anesthetic value of compensation.”

But it’s not funny at all!

The greatest damage to an individual when this sort of thing happens is that their skill mosaic – the skill picture of who they are and are becoming – often gets blurred – and over time they become increasingly unattractive to their own organization and to recruiters looking for top talent.

So this particular career crisis is one on which we put intense focus.


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