Career Management Process

The process of career management consists of diligent planning and utilizing the kinds of skills and attributes one needs to navigate the inevitable crooked path to achieve

  • Fulfillment
  • Work-life balance
  • Goal achievement
  • Financial security

Career management today is an integrated mix of structured planning, individual instincts, an active choice of one’s professional career, making tradeoffs between family, self, and career, taking smart action when the need arises, and navigating through the inevitable career crises that emerge along the journey of life.

My coaching practice focuses on two specific areas related to careers:

  • Career Management – Development of a strategy, critical skills, developing the attributes for success, and utilizing the value of coaching.
  • Career Transition – The planned and unplanned junctions in one’s career path.  The process of evaluation and appropriate actions in such circumstances.

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While the process of job search is often included in the mix of career management issues, it is NOT a focus of my coaching practice. Accordingly, I refer individuals who are seeking such assistance to other qualified resources.

A fun photo of Charlie Jett teaching a course at Wharton on Career Management. The fun part is that Charlie is a “Harvard guy” and was the centerfold in the 1986-1987 Wharton MBA Catalog!