Certification Coaching

I am a CTI Certified Coach (CPCC), an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and a Positive Intelligence Certified Coach (CPQC). To supplement my role as a Career and Business Development Coach, I rely on my Harvard MBA and my specialty in marketing.

I meet the criteria to support you during your CTI / ACC Certification journey.

The following is the path I will take as your Certification Coach. If this is consistent with your interests and goals, then contact me for a free conversation and further discussion.

To ensure the highest possible quality, my practice is limited to a maximum of six certification clients at a time.

My role as a Certification coach will serve you in three ways:

  • As a Co-Active Coach to provide you weekly coaching experiences to practice and master the Co-Active cornerstones, principles, and skills;
  • As a Mentor to guide you toward a rewarding, successful, and fun journey to earn your CPCC and ICF ACC Certifications;
  • As a Career Coach to mentor you toward a preliminary identification of your specific coaching niche and help you create and implement a successful business development strategy.

I am NOT a “championing coach” who will consistently tell you how magnificent you are. While you are, indeed, magnificent, we will focus on the specific coaching issues for which you feel a need to discuss, practice and master.

The process is logical and simple:

  • A Discovery Session – about 1-2 hours necessary for us to develop a strong relationship and learn about one another in depth as well as to create an initial designed alliance about how we will proceed on the Certification Journey;
  • Weekly coaching sessions conducted prior to your CTI Certification pod meetings and practice sessions . We follow the CTI Certification curriculum path and generally do the following:
    • Review and discuss the weekly assignments and agendas in the CTI curriculum;
    • Practice coaching and focus on the specific principles or skills consistent with the curriculum agenda;
    • Focus and practice specific coaching issues that you might find difficult, confusing, or where you feel you need practice. This will include you coaching me and me coaching you with discussions and feedback about those coaching experiences.
    • Prepare you for your individual supervision encounters to ensure that they are authentic learning experiences. My philosophy here is that you should submit coaching session videos that focus on areas where you need help – NOT to demonstrate how sensational you are as a coach. These supervision experiences should be a means for you to deepen your learning from a CTI expert and faculty member.
    • Prepare you for your CTI Oral Certification examination – to ensure that you can easily demonstrate the key elements of Co-Active Coaching – the four cornerstones, the three principles, and the skills that show that you are competent as a Co-Active Coach.
    • Prepare you for your CTI Oral Certification “retake” examination should you be unsuccessful in your first try.
    • Prepare you for your ICF Certification to earn your ACC designation.
    • Continue our coaching relationship after the Certification journey is complete – as appropriate.

I offer an attractive package to those of you who choose to have me join you on your Certification journey.

  • $500/month for the entire CTI / ACC Certification journey;
  • Weekly one-hour coaching, mentoring and discussion sessions;
  • E-mail and text access as necessary;
  • Introduction to Positive Intelligence (if interested) as an added dimension of Co-Active coaching at no extra charge.

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