How I Coach

I help individuals who are facing a career challenge

create a clear strategy to move forward.

I coach professionals ranging from entry level to CEO’s who want to build careers that fulfill them intellectually, financially, and emotionally, while making a difference in their chosen field. 

I design an alliance that includes total confidentiality, mutual trust, permission to delve into areas that might be uncomfortable to discuss, agreement as to the number of sessions we will have per month, and the duration of the coaching relationship.

My methodology generally follows the Co-Active model of coaching which focuses on three fundamental principles:

  • Fulfillment – What do you want from your career?
  • Balance – What different perspectives can be drawn from examining your career?
  • Process – What are your current feelings about your career, how do these feelings impact the tradeoffs you make regarding your career, yourself, and your family?

As a certified Positive Intelligence (mental fitness) coach, I also probe deeply into the various “saboteurs” that are unique to you using the Positive Intelligence model. Together we work on ways to intercept these saboteurs and minimize their impact on your success.

I focus on the “critical skills” that you need to achieve the kind of success you desire going forward. We explore ways you can practice and gain mastery of these skills.

I focus on the causes of and remedies for confronting career crises such as frustration and boredom in your career.

I look to the future to identify and define the kinds of goals that you long for, and how to pursue those goals.




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