Job Loss – Laid Off, Furloughed, Fired


Let’s face it. The mere word, “fired,” brings back memories of yesteryear when that word had a decisive negative stigma. People who were “fired” were among the untouchables.

Losing a job isn’t so bad these days as it was a generation ago. In fact, being fired is something that many people in virtually any career nowadays might expect to experience. So, don’t be surprised if it happens to you!

If it does, however, all is not lost. I went through this many years ago, but it was not at the initiative of an organization.

I “fired myself.”

I was in the executive search business and was quite successful in it, but I found it frustrating and boring – so I decided to fire myself, leave the profession (it’s a great profession for those who like it) and do something that I loved doing but wasn’t really “good at it.”

That was wise.

When out of a job, there are two formidable pressures:

  • Income Uncertainty
  • Risks of Taking the Wrong Job

Income uncertainty creates pressure to “solve the problem” by getting hired and restoring the income stream. In situations like this, you have to be courageous enough to say “NO!” to the wrong job. Restoring the income stream is important, yes, but taking the wrong job can lead you into the same circumstance in a short amount of time.

When accepting a new job, it is wise to make sure that it is something you “like” and, hopefully, something where there are things that are new and perhaps you are not really “good at.” Sounds risky – but this puts you in “Q1” of the “Doom Loop” which is a healthy place to be!

In any event, being out of work presents a daunting challenge – BUT – it CAN be overcome!

Believe it!

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