The Critical Skills

The set of skills that an individual needs to master in order to advance in any career is called the “Critical Skills.” They are separate from “content knowledge” and are not dependent upon any particular industry or function. They cut across all lines, are completely portable, and include:

  • Communications – The ability to get ideas out of your head and into the heads of others or to get ideas out of someone else’s head and into your own – all through the processes of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Production – “To make it happen.” Put simply, it is the ability to convert an idea into reality . . . to convert a concept or idea into a product.
  • Information – The ability to gather and sort relevant information pertaining to a particular problem to be solved or issue to be resolved. The skill also implies that the information gathered and sorted is judged or proved to be true.
  • Analysis – The process of deriving findings from facts and conclusions from findings. It is best described by P → Q or “P” implies “Q.”
  • Interpersonal – The skill that is best described by how others view you as a valued member of a team after you have worked with them on a job or project.
  • Technology – The ability to select the appropriate technology that is most efficient and useful to accomplish a specific task or tasks.
  • Time Management – The ability to set priorities and accomplish the most important tasks at the highest level of quality.
  • Continuous Education – The desire and ability to constantly learn new techniques, master changing technologies, keep up with changes in an industry, and the like.




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