The Doom Loop

The Doom Loop is your powerful friend!

It’s fun, it’s helpful, and can help you anticipate career problems as well as serve you as a simple diagnostic tool in understanding your feelings about your job. Moreover, you don’t have to read some long, ,overly detailed and boring book – nor do you need to attend some expensive and dull seminar or workshop to understand and use it.

The Doom Loop looks like simple common sense . . . but underneath the matrix rests a foundation of some pretty sophisticated and fundamental mathematics.

OK – it’s not really a ‘loop!’  But “Doom Loop” is a catchy name.  So it’s “The Doom Loop!”  And it can be one of your best friends when you face a career crisis.

Most often when an individual sees “The Doom Loop” for the first time, the feeling is:  “Ah!  I’ve been there!  Done that!”

They immediately “personalize” “The Doom Loop.”

I created “The Doom Loop” back in the late 1970’s . . . it worked then . . . and it works now!


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The following animated video gives you a quick – and fun – look at the Doom Loop

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Here’s an old video produced by Northwestern University – a “young Charlie” talks about the Critical Skills and the Doom Loop.