First Job Jitters

When you are embarking on some sort of career in any field, there is always that “first job” following high school or college. Generally, some of the things you think about when taking a job for the first time include the following:

  • I want to have a job and earn my own money!
  • I want to have an apartment and live independently!
  • I want to have a car!
  • I want to begin my career in a field that interests me!
  • I want to live as far away from home as possible!

These are all noble goals, and quite normal. Some individuals spend time preparing detailed career plans and try to find the perfect job that might lead them toward their goals. This, too, is quite normal.

But these days are different! It doesn’t really matter what job you might take as your first job. Gone are the days when an individual starts work in an organization and spends his/her career without moving to another organization. Additionally, it might be surprising to you, what you might ultimately have as a career most likely will have no resemblance or connection to that first job – except in ONE IMPORTANT WAY:


In fact, the skills are the “CRITICAL SKILLS” – they are the ones that are PORTABLE for you – you will need to master them during your career.

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