What to Expect

The goal of coaching is not to have the coach solve your problems; rather, the goal is to have the coach guide you in such a way that you – as a person who is naturally creative, resourceful and whole – can arrive at the solution to your problem.

Some – but not all – of what you will experience will be as follows:

  • Articulating your values – what is important to you in your career, your family life, and to yourself;
  • An OPTIONAL six-week course in Positive Intelligence to help you discover and understand those saboteurs in your life that affect your performance and happiness:
  • A thorough self-evaluation of your career – the “mosaic” of skills and experiences you are building that paint a picture of who you are in your career from the perspective of others;
  • A thorough examination of the TRADEOFFS you make between self, family, and career;
  • A thorough self-evaluation of the critical skills you need to succeed in today’s career environment;
  • A thorough articulation of the particular career crisis you face – its causes and its impact on you;
  • A thorough self-evaluation of the causes of your frustration and/or boredom on the job and how those causes may be addressed;
  • A critical examination of the impact of a major job change and its effect;
  • A focus on relationship issues that might be having an impact on you and your career.

In short, together we will gain clarity on your new career direction, have a compelling mid-to-long term vision for your career and the tradeoffs you will make among yourself, your family and your career, and we will ultimately have a clear action plan to transition from what you are currently experiencing to what you desire.

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