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I help executives and those who want to be on a fast track strengthen their leadership skills, develop career strategies that work, and achieve a balance between work, family and self.


If any of these common and normal issues describes YOU . . . . 

  • You are a successful entrepreneur, but need to strengthen your leadership skills;

  • You are a self-employed professional or are seeking coaching outside your organization;

  • You want to discover your true passion, accelerate your job search, and discover that position that matches what is important to you, fits your skill profile, and meets your compensation goals;

  • You need to define and clarify your professional brand;

  • You want to improve the balance between yourself, your work, and your family;

  • You want to enhance your presence and impact;

  • You feel bored or frustrated in your job;

  • You think you are in the wrong field;

  • You are thinking about leaving your job for something else;

  • Your compensation has remained rather steady over the years, but your work load has doubled;

  • You are feeling the pressure of age – you’re at the peak of your career – but are experiencing the conflicts of work-life balance.

  • You feel stuck in your job and are not advancing so fast as you hoped;

  • You are re-entering the workforce after staying home raising a family;

  • You feel that your career strategy needs to be revised;

  • You have a different career issue to talk through with someone you trust.

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